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James L. Repace, MSc.


About J.L. Repace
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Curriculum Vitae
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International Consulting Services


  • Lectures on passive smoking
  • 1-day to 1-week courses on environmental smoke science and policy
  • Press conference, media interviews
  • Public hearing testimony, oral or written
  • Litigation support (expert testimony)
    trials and arbitrations
    courtroom testimony
  • Legislator education
  • Decision-maker briefings
  • Letters
  • Reports
  • Research and analysis
  • Risk assessment, for individuals or populations
    (lung cancer, heart disease, asthma)
    based on calculated or measured secondhand smoke pollutants or from cotinine in body fluids
  • Secondhand smoke measurement or prediction
  • Analysis of tobacco industry documents
  • Cotinine analysis in body fluids
  • Assessment of engineering controls
  • On-site or telephone consultation
  • Monitoring of smoke infiltration in apartments
  • Enemy No. 1 Waging The War On Secondhand Smoke by James Repace - released on Amazon Books

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